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1. Nguyen Trai and his Nom poetry collection - Quoc am thi tap

Quoc am thi tap (國音詩集) is the Nom poetic collection written in 14 - 15th century by Nguyen Trai (1380 - 1442) – the most famous versificater of Vietnam, who was recognized as the international cultural celebrity by UNESCO in 1980. Nguyen Trai is counted as “the first man who construct the Vietnamse Nom literature”  (prof. Đào Duy Anh). Quoc am thi tap is not only the development of literature, but also the progress of Nom script, Vietnamse language and Vietnamese culture.  The Nom text Quoc am thi tap is a cultural inheritance, because there are 12,500 Nom characters of  15th century in the text.

We can acknowledge that this poetic collection take an important place in the history of Vietnam literature and culture. It is the most ancient Nom poetry collection. And it's considered as the pre-eminent work of Vietnamese literature, in comparison with The Tale of Kieu by Nguyen Du.

2. The introduction of “A Dictionary of 15th Century Ancient Vietnamese

a. Characteristics

  • Composed from 254 Nom poems in the text Quoc am thi tap.
  • Each entry of the dictionary has Nom characters of the general text (Nom text).
  • This is the dictionary of author language (Nguyen Trai’s lexicon, compare with Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary).
  • This is the dictionary of 15th century Vietnamese- with the linguistic data which is 200 - year older than the Dictionarivm Annnamiticivm Lvsitanvm et Latinvm of Alexandro de Rhodes (printed in 1651, Rome), and 400 - year older than The Tale of Kieu of Nguyen Du.
  • The dictionary entries involve: lexicon, literary allusion, idiom, proverb, name of people, geographic name,…of the text Quoc am thi tap.

b. Structure

Instruction. Dictionary: 2,525 entries (with Nom characters, etymology, reconstruction, ...).  Index. Appendix: the interpretation and translation of  254 Nom poems in the poetic collection Quoc am thi tap. References.