About the VNPF

The Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation arose from the efforts of a group of software engineers and scholars in the late 1980s to standardize the Chữ Nôm script for use in computers and on the internet. They feared that an entire literary culture, 1000 years of writing in Chữ Nôm, the Chinese-like script that Vietnamese used to record their own language and its vast heritage of poetry, history, medicine, and religion, was about to go extinct. As a result of their efforts, the core set of Chữ Nôm characters was successfully encoded in Unicode / ISO 10646.

Realizing that standardization alone was not sufficient, in 1999 some members of this group founded the VNPF as a public charity. Through the VNPF they sought to preserve and popularize this rich cultural heritage by developing the software tools and processes for the digitization, printing, study, bibliographic identification, preservation, and digital sharing of the many works of literature, history, philosophy. royal decree, medicine, and the arts. At the same time, the VNPF has developed programs to encourage students and scholars and promote public awareness. A particular focus is to awake the younger generation to the potential to employ the tools of high technology in the preservation and study of this great Vietnamese cultural heritage.

Our work is being funded by grants and private donations. Please send your financial support to:

The Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation
229 Beachers Brook Lane
Cary, North Carolina 27511
Email: info@nomfoundation.org

The VNPF is registered as a U.S.501c3 public charity (EIN: 58-2493125).